Maker of the Month: Fire & Luxe

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

How did you start?

I had done a candle making course and kept practising for about 18 months honing my recipes and methods (it’s not as easy as you’d think which I quickly found out!)

Amber from Fire & Luxe

Why did you start?

I had always wanted to start my own business, I moved to Aberdeen from Melbourne after a short (and unsuccessful) stint in Berlin to be with my partner and employment prospects for Digital/Web Designers seemed scarce here, so I decided to finally get on with my life long plan of launching a business using my background in design, ecommerce and marketing and I thought candles would be a great business to start.

Who or what do you find inspiring?

Everything, I love nature and old architecture, adore medieval woodcuts, any old world crafts - it's probably why I chose to make candles and wax seals. I love looking at other creatives whether it’s haute couture or someone who is a really great tattoo artist or even needlefelting.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about running your business?

Seeing how much people love my candles and my branding, least favourite is carrying all the heavy candles up and down the stairs for events... Please buy my candles if you see me to help me out!

Have you had any particular highs and/or lows?

Christmas last year was my first for Fire & Luxe, and the months leading up were great! Also, I supply a couple of shops which makes me excited. Lows are when I think of something great I would like to do and not being able to execute the idea due to sourcing issues!

What are you proud of?

That I finally started my business, that people appreciate the quality as it receives great feedback. I also enjoy creating something that is perfect for creating a pleasant environment in the home that can change with the seasons.

What’s your favourite thing about MoC?

I love meeting other creatives and learning about their craft and sharing ideas, and love seeing customers and peoples' reactions to the scents in person, especially love visits from my regulars!

What’s your favourite thing you make? Do you have anything you really don’t like making?

I guess the candles, it’s really satisfying once they’re finished. Melts can be a bit fiddly and hard to pour without overspill… I should probably be looking at different packaging!

Who are your favourite makers?

I can’t pick one! I have a lot of admiration for anyone who has really nailed their craft and contributing to the handmade movement.

How did you come up with your name?

I guess I wanted something that alluded to what I sell, without pigeonholing myself to only candles, as I have plans for other products in the future 😉

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I don’t even know! I used to be a person with a 5 year plan but that went out the window when I moved (back) to the UK two years ago, so we’ll see.

What would be your absolute dream outcome for your business?

For my brand to be in as many homes as possible and to be among the top candle companies that have been running for hundreds of years in some cases! I also want to continue collaborations with other creatives.

What’s new for 2019?

There will be a new smaller sized candle launching in October, seven new scents to come over the next few months as well as Christmas giftboxes with a mini candle trio coming, if they do well then I might keep them on all year round as a mix and match option!

What are your goals?

To buy a Castle and fill it with my own animal menagerie, especially with lots of dogs!

If you could try your hand at another skill (craft or otherwise) what would it be?

I love dabbling in new crafts and skills, the next one I’ve really been wanting to try for ages is electroforming jewellery. I also would like to try macrame and embroidery hoop art.

What are your hobbies?

I have been an aerialist since 2011, so I love training in pole, aerial hoop and polesilks! I love meals out with good company, learning new things and skills, and I also enjoy petting as many animals as I possibly can, it’s a good day if I can pet three!

Who is your support network?

My partner, my family in Australia and my friends even though a lot of them are far away! But I have some friends here too which helps immensely.

What’s your favourite book/film/band?

Favourite book: The Harry Potter series

Film: Tough one, but The Skeleton Key has always lingered on my mind or maybe Get Out

Band: HIM, Psyclon Nine, Blutengel, Lacrimas Profundere (can’t pick one!)

What’s your drink of choice?

A Latte - from Melbourne… I’ve only found one place in Aberdeenshire that compares to the magical Melbournian baristas and that’s in Ellon (shout out to The Coffee Apothecary)! Alcohol wise, I do like rum, gin or a good espresso martini.

What’s your favourite food or best meal you’ve ever had?

That’s tricky, I love avocado and poached eggs, anything with chocolate and recently I was in Paris and had the most amazing little boulangerie downstairs from our Airbnb and I made sure I got something from there every day.

What’s your cheapest and most expensive item?

Cheapest is a set of four wax melts for £4 which is a great way to try out a scent before committing to a candle, most expensive is a porcelain dragon egg candle made in my collaboration with ceramicist Amy Lawson for £130, it features real gold and they’re an amazing centrepiece.

Do you have any advice for other crafters? Is there something you wish you’d known from the start?

The hardest part is starting, if you’ve been thinking about it just start and figure out things along the way/as they come! And whatever you do, do not sell yourself short, charge what you and your product are worth and be proud.

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